Free Products Terms

Free Product Terms & Service

We (Webhost 365) provides some free services/products for test and trial purpose, while we don’t suggest to use these services/products in production environment, but its also up to individual that how these services and product can be used.

While we put our best effort to maintain and manage all our services/product and Free services are no exception, but we don’t guarantee and apply as such normal policy on our free services/products, which includes and not limited to:-

  • The uptime SLA does not apply to such services and products, and there is no obligation to strictly follow the SLA.
  • When you take a free product especially webhosting, we strongly suggest you to update your nameserver immediately, that way we know that you are using our hosting service actively, and your account will stay connected.
  • If you don’t update your nameserver for your free hosting account, your hosting service is likely to be suspended/deleted, we do this because we don’t want illegitimate accounts to hang on to the server for no reason and creating chaos.
  • Please don’t use Cloudflare dns when you are using free hosting service, because free account don’t integrate well with Cloudflare and likely to be deleted overtime, so make sure you are using only our dns/nameserver strictly.
  • Our system detects the dormant account and delete them automatically in order to maintain only the active accounts on the servers.
  • Since the dormant accounts are likely to be deleted over time, please make sure your account stay active by having at least 10 visitors to your website/app in a calendar month.
  • Support SLA does not get exercise in free services, though you can open a ticket and team will look in to it when possible.
  • We provide only one free hosting account per user, if that account is terminated due to any of the above reason then we dont provide free hosting to this user again.
  • Backups are not provided hence no plan B if your website/apps goes down.