Taking a screenshot on a laptop is not as easy as pressing the “Print Screen” button on a PC. Below are three ways to take screenshots on laptops.

  1. The first way is to use the keyboard shortcut: “Prnt Scrn” and then open Paint and paste the screenshot into it.
  2. The second way is to press CTRL + Windows key and then press “Prnt Scrn”, which will capture the whole screen to your clipboard and you can paste it into Paint.
  3. The third way is using Snipping Tool, which allows you to take specific screenshots by outlining an area of your screen with a mouse or tablet pen before taking the shot.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

Taking screenshots has been a common task for anyone who is using a windows 10 system. There are many different ways to take screenshots and this article will break down the best and easiest ways to do so.

  1. Taking screenshots in windows 10 has been made easier with the introduction of windows key+shift+s which will save it as a file to the screenshot folder in your photos app.
  2. If you want to take a picture of your whole screen then you can use the windows key+shift+prnt scrn (this will be saved as a file on your desktop).
  3. Another way to take screenshots is by pressing the win key then clicking on the volume down button, this will save it as an image or video on your clipboard, then press ctrl+v or right click then click paste into any program

3 Ways To Take A Screenshot On Your Macbook Pro

There are 3 basic ways to take a screenshot on your Macbook Pro.

  1. The first is by pressing the Command and Shift keys together and the other two are by clicking the keyboard shortcuts for specific features. The first way can be done with a lot of keyboards, not just a Macbook Pro because it’s a function of macOS.
  2. The second way is for those who don’t want to hold down two keys at once and it also lets you choose which window you would like to capture from the screen.
  3. The last way, which is for those who want to screenshot their whole screen, has been around since 2011 when Apple released the Macbook Air with Lion OS 10.7, but it only became available